Food in Canada

You will find that the food in Canada is as multi-cultural as the people because of the many ethnic groups that settled the land. Virtually each province has its own traditional dish.

Newfoundland and Labrador is known for its use of salt beef, When cooked with potatoes, cabbage, turnip, carrot and a boiled pudding, this meal is called Jiggs Dinner. Seafood is also a popular dish and with the centuries of preserving codfish by salting it, salt cod is used to make Fish n’Brewis, Fish Cakes and Fish, Fat and Potatoes. Brewis is a dish made by soaking cakes of hard bread in water over night and then frying or steaming it. The dressing for chicken and turkey is also different here than in other parts of Canada. It is made by combining grated breadcrumbs with an herb known as savory.

Nova Scotia is known for its lobster and clam dishes. Clam chowder is very popular. Cookies called Fat Archies are a variation of the regular molasses cookies because they contain molasses, spice and bacon fat. Prince Edward Island is the land of the potatoes. Shellfish, such as crab and lobster are also widely available.

New Brunswick is famous for its scallops from the Bay of Fundy. Poutines Rapees is a very popular dish. This is made by grating raw potato and mixing it with cooked potato and salt pork. The mixture is then rolled into a ball and simmered. It is served with molasses or brown sugar. Another delicacy of this province is fiddleheads. These are greens that are boiled and served as a vegetable with a meal.

In Quebec, maple syrup is fresh from the maple trees and is made into syrup for pancakes, maple sugar and maple candy. Pate Chinois is similar to Shepherd’s Pie but contains only meat and corn. Pate au salmon is salmon pie and the Tourtiere is the traditional meat pie of Quebec, containing meat, pork and cheese.

In Central and Western Canada, you can dine on the traditional foods of the First Nations peoples. These are buffalo, and venison. Bannock is a traditional food of the native peoples. This is a flat bread that may contain fruit or berries. Cattle are the main part of the economy in Alberta, so you will be able to have all kinds of meat dishes.