Canada Travel

When you are visiting Canada, you will need to have a Temporary Visitor’s Visa if you plan to stay for any length of time. Visitors from most countries, however, only need to have a valid passport.

Arriving by plane.

When you fly to Canada, you will most likely enter the country through one of the international airports: St. John’s, Newfoundland, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Montreal, Quebec, Moncton, New Brunswick, Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Calgary or Edmonton, both of which are in Albert and Vancouver, British Columbia. At each one of these airports, you will have to go through customs, whether or not you are staying in that city or moving on to another location in the country.

Arriving by Ship

You can enter Canada by ship in British Columbia from either Alaska or Washington, both of which are states in the US. The Alaska Marine Highway serves Prince Rupert and the Washington State Ferries dock in Sydney. A car ferry operates between Victoria and Port Angeles in Washington State and there are other tourist ferries that operate from smaller locations.

On the East Coast, you can enter Canada through Yarmouth, Nova Scotia by way a ferry from either Bangor or Portland, both of which are in the state of Maine.

There is also a passenger ferry operating year round from Fortune, Newfoundland to the French islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon.

Arriving by Rail

Via Rail, which is the national passenger railway in Canada, connects with Amtrak of the US at Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. The Toronto route connects to the state of New York by way of Niagara Falls. The Montreal route connects with New York and Vancouver connects with Seattle.

There are many border crossings between the US and Canada where you can drive from one country to the other. Some of these are busier than others, so you should be prepared for long waiting lines through the US and Canadian customs.