Canada Traditions

The local customs and traditions in Canada were brought to the country by the millions of immigrants and were part of the native culture when these people arrived. One of the traditions that Canada shares with the US is the celebration of Thanksgiving. This is a holiday in the country that is held on the first Monday in October. The early settlers were so pleased with their first harvests in the new land that they had a celebration to give thanks. This tradition continues today.

When you visit someone’s home, you always remove your footwear inside the entrance. This is so you won’t track any mud or gravel onto the clean floors of the house. On Halloween, children dress up in all kinds of costumes and go from house to house in their neighborhood receiving treats of candy. During the Christmas season, mummering is a tradition in Newfoundland. Both children and adults dress up in old mismatched clothing and cover their faces. They visit homes and put off a sort of mini-concert by singing and dancing.

Each area of the country and each ethnic group have their own tradition and custom. This makes it very difficult to determine one or several customs that are practiced in the same way all across the country. November 11 and July 1 are two days in which the Armed Forces are honored. The first long weekend of the year takes place in May – on or near May 24 in honor of Queen Victoria’s Birthday. Bonfire night on November 5 is still held in some parts of the country to celebrate Guy Fawke’s Night.

Hockey is the national sport and the one thing that truly unites the country. This sport was actually borrowed from the native peoples and the early settlers learned to play it.